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Drug Uses

Super P–Force is formed from 100mg of Sildenafil (the worlds ED bestseller) and 60mg of Dapoxetine (the best remedy against premature ejaculation). a replacement super strength pill (taken orally) for male erecticle dysfunction. Sildenafil helps the body to relax mussels thus increasing the blood flow into the penis. Dapoxetine lowers helps you to delay the ejaculation. Super P–Force may be a new step in men`s sexual health treatment. Buy Super P-Force Online from

How Taken

Super P–Force tablets are often crazy or without food. Use it once you need, but less than 1 dose each day . Never exceed the prescribed dosage because it won`t assist you to realize better results but only will cause side effects. .Alcohol and fat food can reduce the effect.



Keep the merchandise away heat, moisture and lightweight. The temperature should be between 59 – 86 °F (15 – 30 °C). confirm children cannot reach it.

More Information

Remember that Super P–Force doesn`t generate an erection; it helps to realize and maintain combining Super P–Force with other products containing nitrates, alpha-blockers and recreational drugs may cause dropping your vital sign or cause other serious negative side effects. Let your doctor about your allergies to any components of Super P–Force. Let your doctor find the simplest dosage. Buy Super P-Force Online at


The information presented here doesn’t cover all possible directions, integrations and precautions as only gives a general idea about the drugs. We disclaim all possible responsibilities for reliability and correctness of the given information, also as any possible damage.

Possible Side Effects

Among the possible negative side effects are– headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, flushing, temporary visual abnormalities (including changes in colour perception, increased sensitivity to light and blurred vision), urinary track infections, temporary heat–rashes and stuffy or runny nose. Search medical help if any of those negative side effects don’t ease off in several hours. Levitra can cause back pain and muscle aches from 12 up to 24 hours.


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