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Ambien Zolpidem may be a soporific medicine of the new generation that contains the active ingredient Zolpidem. This medicine is indicated to enhance the standard of sleep and has anxiolytic, sedative action. The mechanism of the action of Ambien consists of the stimulation of omega-1 benzodiazepine receptors. The interaction with benzodiazepine receptors happens selectively, and thus the therapeutic effect appears quickly and through the utilization of low doses. Buy Ambien Online at

Ambien Zolpidem lowers the amount of falling asleep, the frequency of the night awakenings, provides a general calming action to the central systema nervosum during sleep. The human will easier restore energy during sleeping and can not feel fatigued and apathy during awakening with the assistance of the pills. it’s achieved thanks to the rise of the length of the phase of the deep sleep during which the physical body maximally takes a rest.

Uses and doses of Ambien Zolpidem

If you’re taking Ambien for the primary time, it’s necessary to start the treatment of insomnia with a minimal dose of 5 mg per day
If no side effects, the dose of Ambien are often increased up to 10 mg per day
The maximal daily dose of Ambien is 10 mg
The medicine are often used for less than 1 month, then an opportunity is formed.

If you’re taking Ambien zolpidem for 3-5 days, the treatment is often stopped directly. If you’re taking the pills for quite every week, it’s necessary to cancel the treatment gradually. The dose is lowered up to five mg per day, then up to 2,5 mg in several days, then the treatment is totally stopped.

Side effects of Ambien Zolpidem

In general, Ambien is well tolerated but some side effects associated with the pharmacological action of Zolpidem can appear: malaise, drowsiness, muscle weakness, feeling of fever, confusion, euphoria, hiccups, thirst.

If you’ve got side effects, it’s recommended to lower the daily dose and continue the treatment. The side effects will pass within several days.

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